Something Shady Going Down At The Circle K

This has been an INSANE few weeks.


My last day of work was uneventful, which is the best kind. Then I dropped my iPhone4 in the toilet. I didn’t really drop it so much as it JUMPED out of the pocket of my dress pants. At least I hadn’t pooped.

Anyway. It’s dead and I am avoiding going to the King Of Prussia mall with EVERY ounce of my being because that place scares me. So in the mean time I am using my very old Blackberry and my soul hurts. Sigh.

Maddie started Kindergarten on the 29th. It almost didn’t happen thanks to Hurricane Irene, but luckily the electric company was able to get the schools up and running so that they could start on time. Mothers all over the county were clapping with joy when the call came in. She did awesome and loves it. She already has 3 boyfriends, her favorite being “Julian” who she talks about non stop and apparently he saves her from monsters in her dreams. She is going to be trouble.

The 29th was also my first official day of nursing school which is the main reason I have fallen off the face of the earth. Holy Hell. This be hard. I am enjoying it, but it is A TON of work and takes a lot of my time. Our family has been super awesome at helping with the kids so that I can get my study time in.

The boys start Pre-school next week so more to come on that insanity. OH and Jimmy potty trained! Two and a half years old and for the first time in over 4 years I am not changing diapers. Thank the sweet baby Jesus.

Maddie also had her first cheerleading game this last weekend and that was an adventure. Five and six year old girls cheering is a little painful and makes my ADHD flare, but they are freaking adorable and that makes up for a lot.

I also have a new addiction. It’s a facebook page for my county that allows you to buy and sell items within the county. I have made 500 dollars since last week selling the kids old clothes and some baby items.


Ok, someone is crying, someone is yelling for toilet paper and I think the washer machine may have just blown up. I’ll be back.

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