RTT- The annoyed with life edition.

randomtuesday RTT  The annoyed with life edition.Here we are, Tuesday again.

Step 1- Go to Keely’s.

Step 2- Follow directions.

Step 3- Get Random.

  • C is absolutely giving me a taste of the terrible twos. Whining all day? CHECK. Bitching about nothing? CHECK. Beating up on baby brother? CHECK. Not napping? CHECK. This is just freaking perfect.
  • I’ve been asking the husband for a morning to really sleep in for a few months. Yesterday I woke up with a killer migraine. This was a puking my brains out, can’t open my eyes kind of headache. I didn’t leave my room till almost 11am. The man had the nerve to insinuate that that should count as my sleeping in. IN YOUR DREAMS!
  • Two of my biggest pet peeves in this world are being sticky and damp. Take a wild guess as to why I hate being a bartender?
  • I’m WAY tired of sharing a car, and feeling like a freaking felon when I have to ask the husband to let me keep it. There is always attitude involved. I’m sorry…does it improve your manly mood to have the car sitting in the damn parking lot at work, rather than your wife not losing her mother loving mind stuck at home all day with 2 kids under 2? Bite. Me.
  • I’m beyond tired of school. I should be done like 4 degrees by now, I graduated from high school 9 frickidy frackin years ago people.
  • I’ve now lost 15 lbs since April 10th. Why haven’t I gone down a jeans size you ask? Because my damn child bearing hips are NOT MOVING! I need to be on the beach in like 6 weeks people.
  • Spousey¬†and I finally had a day off together yesterday and all we wanted to do was watch a Phillies game. But NO. They had the day off. Suckers.

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